Rodrigo Martinez

Our student of the week, Rodrigo, comes from Pachuca de Soto (Mexico) and graduated in Sports Science at the UFD University of San Agustin de Tlaxiaca. He arrived in Seville in October to do a Master’s degree in Physiology and Neuroscience and it seems he got it right: “I am very happy with the Master’s degree, they are not professors who stick to the book, but who apply what they see in the laboratory in their classes”. “There is a lack of research in sport, but perhaps it is even more necessary that the culture of sports practice continues to grow and that there is an awareness that it is important for a healthier aging and to opt for a longer life”.

Rodrigo is crazy about sports: “It’s what keeps me alive, something I want to keep with me all my life”. In 1999 he started practicing martial arts (Kung Do Lama and Lima Lama) and in 2005 he was already a black belt. Later, at the age of 16, he set up his own training school in Pachuca. After the pandemic, things got very complicated, but lately the school has been reviving. Now during her stay in Seville she has delegated the classes to a colleague.

He is also very sensitive to social responsibility: “Now, for example, I want to set up a YouTube channel to upload training sessions of up to three months for those who can’t afford to attend classes”.

Another of his passions is music: “I really like Spanish rock and the pop-rock movement of the 80s and 90s”. In Seville she has been to concerts of Hombres G and Raphael: “They are very popular artists in Mexico and it was great to see them live”, and she is happy here: “I love the city, it is quiet and welcoming; maybe in a few years I will return, although, for the moment, I have my place in Mexico”. He is also taking the opportunity to travel: “I have visited capitals such as Rome and London and I have also made excursions closer to home, such as the Carnival of Cadiz”.

In the residence he is very comfortable: “I live with people a little younger than me, but we have connected very well; I have made good friends. I also appreciate very much that I am vegan and from the beginning I was told that there would be no problem with the diet and so it has been”.

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