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Pamplona is a vibrant city with a lot to offer: the wonderful old town, the castle square, the citadel, the walls, a great gastronomy, a perfect life to study and enjoy in a clean and green environment.

Camplus Pamplona is a coeducational student residence located in the center of the city, very close to the universities and with all services within reach (academies, gyms, stations, historical center…) There is no residence in Pamplona with a better location!

We are a very cozy residence, with a modern and urban aesthetic, to make you feel at home.



In our university residence, formerly called La Campana, we offer a warm and personalized treatment, so that the residence is truly a home. We have created an environment of coexistence, collaboration and study, a place where you can make friends, study, relax and have fun. An ideal space to discover oneself, for the growth of each person.

Our rooms are cozy and bright. They have fully equipped private bathrooms, comfortable beds with canapés, plenty of storage space and large desks.

We cover all your needs: we provide bed and bath linen, half board or full board (we also cook in the residence itself!), cleaning twice a week and, of course, high speed wifi throughout the building. The living room has a billiards room, and we also have a leisure area, gym, activity room, outdoor terrace, library and study rooms that are at your disposal 24 hours a day, so that you can reconcile the time dedicated to socializing and studying.

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Pamplona: Avenida de Galicia, 20

University of Navarra


Public University of Navarra




Castle Square


Avda. Charles III


Youth House


Aoiz Health Center


Historic district


Bus station

All the rooms in our residence have been thought and designed to make you feel at home.

All of them have a spacious, comfortable and modern space, fully furnished. Of course, they have full private bathrooms.
The beds have a high quality viscoelastic mattress and a chest for extra storage, and in the bedrooms you will find bed and bath linen (which we wash and change every week), desk, bedside table, bedside table, chest of drawers, very comfortable chair, decorative coat rack on the wall, spacious closets with hangers, and a large closet.

decorative pinboards to hang your photos and schedules. You also have air conditioning and individual heating.
High-speed WiFi is available throughout the residence, so you are always connected. We have a daily maintenance service if something breaks and each resident has an electronic card to access their room.


At Camplus Pamplona we are the most flexible! If you want to book 9 months instead of 10, we think it’s perfect! What’s more, if you book a tenth month, we will give you a 35% discount on the monthly fee for June. And if you only want to come for one semester, of course, this is your Casa!


Rooms with own bathroom

24h reception

home cooking


High speed WIFI



Supply costs

Video surveillance


Solarium terrace



Work rooms
as a team

TV room with package
soccer, cinema and sport

Leisure area

Activities of
leisure and sports


Bicycle parking

Locker at reception for parcels

Common areas

Camplus was the first residence I saw and, just from the photos, I had already made up my mind. It was clear to me that this was the residence where I was going to feel at ease, because of everything, the colors, the facilities, the location... The first week in the residence I had already met my group of friends and I felt very comfortable.

“It was clear to me that this was the residence where I was going to feel at home, because of everything, the colors, the facilities, the location…”.


I chose Camplus Pamplona because everything I had heard about the residence was good. I found it very central, very comfortable to move around the city and to go to the University. Once here, I found it easy to make friends, we are a good group!

“I found it very centrally located, very convenient for getting around the city and going to college.”


“I totally got it right with the residency – I’m great here!”.


I was absolutely right with the residence. I'm great here! I saw it on Google and loved it. Then a friend recommended it to me. I wanted to live in a residence hall because of the opportunities it gives you to meet other people, not limiting yourself to people from your career and your university.

“In the residence I feel very integrated.”


In the residence I feel very integrated and I like to collaborate as a teacher in the Biotechnology Mentoring.


In our residence we are distinguished by a warm and personalized treatment in which each resident is important to us. We have created an environment of coexistence, collaboration and study making us a real family; a place where you can study, rest, have fun, make friends and, in short, live the university experience in the best possible way.

Campluslife PAMPLONA

March 30
Comida de semana santa ¡y otras degustaciones!
Easter lunch, and other tastings!

Next week our residents start their Easter vacations and we wanted to celebrate it with a typical meal of these dates, in which we have not missed the roast knuckle, the flamenquines cordobeses or the traditional torrijas! Thursdays are the day chosen for tastings, which the students are very enthusiastic about! This year we have had a selection of pinchos from Navarre, a buffet of Asian and Mexican food, and we have approached the gastronomy of the Basque Country, La Rioja, Catalonia, Andalusia and the Valencian Community. The palate can't complain!

March 20
20 de marzo programas mentoring
Our Mentoring programs are making good progress!

The course does not give much respite. Midterms are on the prowl and our Mentoring programs are flooding the team rooms. The most active mentoring is that of Industrial Engineering, focused on preparing Physics and Drawing, two of the most "hard-fought" subjects. Mentoring in Biomedical Engineering and Telecommunications is also focused on the subject Signals and Systems, and Economics and Business is thoroughly preparing Accounting and Statistics. Cheer up guys, Easter is just around the corner!

March 9
Surgical conferences for students

One of the activities we like to promote is the Surgery Days for Students (JOICE). The main reason is that they are organized by the students themselves in the last years of the course. Medicine is the most present degree in our residency and we love to support our students with this event. We will continue to support JOICE.

March 8
Women's Day Micro-Stories

Women's Day is always a date marked on our calendar. Last year we organized a literary meeting with women writers and this time we wanted to transfer the protagonism to our residents by organizing a Micro-story Contest. The winner was Uxue, a 1st year nursing student, with a passionate story that will not leave you indifferent (it is shared on our bulletin board).

February 20
Carnival carnival, carnival I love you

Carnivals are always a good excuse for our students to "play at being someone else" and dress up in fun costumes. Throughout the day, cartoon characters, kings, princesses, monsters and even aliens paraded through the residence!

February 17th
Diseña tu sudadera Camplus
Design your Camplus sweatshirt

Our students are very proactive and this year they came up with a very exciting idea: to design their own Camplus sweatshirt. This initiative, promoted by the Camplus Student Committee, was supported by most of the students. The design, in a large number of colors, shows the residence building and the name of the students in each class. The students decided that, along with the purchase of the sweatshirt, they wanted to make a donation to the victims of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Proud of our residents!

February 14th
Valentine loves us

Valentine's Day is one of the most celebrated dates by our students, who take the opportunity to dedicate messages of affection and friendship on our giant board. It is a day that is also very popular among the most laminar people, who can enjoy the candy table and the valentinesque food. This year, as a novelty, we have brought a very special photocall, "The caravan of love", which has traveled throughout the residence!

February 11
Snow Getaway

One more year, we have repeated one of the star activities of the residence, the weekend in the snow. This time, as last year, we have moved to Formigal, one of the best winter resorts in Huesca. Our students have enjoyed the winter sports and the concert offered at the resort on Saturday afternoon. A great opportunity to play sports and socialize with friends from the resi!

February 3
Global Game Jam

This year we have participated again in the Global Game Jam with Creanavarra, which organizes the event in our facilities. During a frenetic weekend, our students have designed a video game in groups, with the guidance of teachers and experts. Students from the fields of Design, Programming, Engineering, Storytelling or Animation have enjoyed a fun and educational experience.

January 17th
Rectora Basketball Trophy

The beginning of the second quarter has brought us the incentive of the Rectora Basketball Trophy. We have the presence of a men's team and a women's team, who are giving their all in the tournament. The men's team was eliminated in the last game of the first phase, while our girls continue their winning trajectory. This team is going to bring us a lot of joy!

December 15
Christmas Celebration

The Christmas celebration was very special this year. We have shared an exquisite meal with our students, in which nothing has been missing, neither the traditional lamb, nor the prawns or Christmas sweets. During the after-dinner conversation, we organized a bingo game, which the students were very enthusiastic about. The awarding of prizes to the winners of the bingo and the most Christmas-like door contest was the icing on the cake of an unforgettable afternoon.

December 14, 2009
diseña tu tarjeta navideña
Design your Christmas Greeting" Contest

This Christmas we wanted our students to be the ones to design the Camplus Christmas card. The competition has been incarnate! The winner was Ángela, a student from our sister residence, Camplus Sevilla, with a very Christmas-like interpretation of the painting "The Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh. Angela has surprised us with her talent, a star is certainly born!

December 7th
7 de diciembre - concurso la puerta más navideña
New edition of the contest "The most Christmas-like door".

One of our students' favorite contests is "The Most Christmasy Door". Students decorate their bedroom door with Christmas motifs in a frenzied competition for the title of "most Christmasy". This contest is taking on such dimensions that this year, it was not only a competition between doors, but even between corridors! Voting was very close, especially between the third floor of block A and the first floor of block C, with our veteran engineers on the third floor finally winning out. Veteranship is a degree!

November 8
fit gipsy dance
Do you want to join Fit Gypsi Dance?

One of the novelties of this course is the Fit gipsy dance class. This is a fusion of fitness and flamenco, in which, in addition to burning calories, serotonin is released and tensions are discharged. It is an original and fun activity that uses resources such as the shawl, the fan or the club. There's still time to sign up!

February 08
31 de octubre
Benito Villamarín Stadium Tour

This year's Halloween Party was dedicated to the Mexican Night of the Dead. On this day,
Mexico is full of decorative monuments, through which we pay honor to loved ones and to those we love.
deceased. The activity room was transformed into an impressive living altar, where our
students danced in amazing and terrifying costumes!

October 26
Premiere of the Men's 7-a-side soccer tournament

Soccer often gives you one piece of cake and one piece of sand. This was the case in the debut of our three men's 7-a-side soccer teams in the Rectora Trophy. Our benjamin team (Camplus C) has been defeated, while Camplus B has managed to draw in a disputed match, and Camplus A has won comfortably (hat-trick included by our captain). A good atmosphere and sportsmanship prevailed. And the Camplus family, as always, united!

October 13
13 de octubre - futbol femenino
Three teams in the Women's Futsal Tournament

Our students are the most animated of the campus and did not want to miss the opportunity to practice team sports and make a team! in the University Futsal Tournament. We have three teams of campluseras in the tournament, which pits the colleges and residences of the University of Navarra against each other. Our girls are full of enthusiasm and motivation. And they have a fan base that does not disappoint!

October 6
Menú a la carta
A la carte menu

This year we also wanted our students to participate in the design of the menus, so that they can enjoy their favorite dishes. We are incorporating their proposals, which range from the most traditional, such as pasta carbonara or entrecote, to more exotic options, such as Arabian food!

September 23rd
Welcome to the course party

A new academic year is starting and can you think of a better way to celebrate it than sharing dinner, music and dancing? The welcome party is an ideal opportunity for students to get to know each other, make friends and soon feel at home! We have celebrated it in our activities room with a special dinner and live music by DJ Mikel Carvalho. Of course, there was also a photocall to immortalize the best moments!

September 16
Be The Change" Challenge

We love the Be the change project, an initiative of the Fabre Foundation that we are promoting in the residence. The students, organized in groups, must present the guidelines of a project with social impact, within four important areas: human rights, gender, interculturality and environment. The selected projects will be able to count on the training and resource support provided by the Foundation. Would you like to participate?

September 14, 2009
Presentation of mentoring programs

Camplus Pamplona's Mentoring programs are starting this academic year 2022-23. Mentoring in Biochemistry and Biology, Economics and Business, Medicine and Engineering. And next week we will present Mentoring in Nursing, as well as in Biotechnology and Data Science. At the end of September we will launch our youngest program, the Mentoring in Design and Artistic Creation. Start the new school year with your batteries recharged!

September 13
Urban dance workshops start at Camplus Pamplona

Among the novelties for this course are the urban dance workshops. Dancing is a very positive activity for the mood, which helps to release endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin, the famous happiness quartet! It also contributes to lowering cortisol levels (the stress hormone). Above all, it's a way to socialize and enjoy the "resi life"! This was the case in the first workshop we organized; the students were enthusiastic and are already asking for the next workshop!

September 5
We resume the Hatha Yoga classes.

At Camplus Pamplona we believe that Hatha-Yoga is a very healthy activity for our clients.
students, as it contributes to the balance between mind and body and favors the elimination of stress.
It also helps to improve flexibility and prevent injuries. This should also be the thinking of the
The classes have been very well received this year; the two groups have been completed, the students have
Mondays and Wednesdays. Mens sana in corpore sano!

September 1
1 de septiembre, inicio de curso 2022 - 2023
Opening of the 2022 - 2023 academic year

We begin the 2022-23 academic year with all the seats filled and the same enthusiasm as every year! We have planned a course
full of novelties in Camplus Pamplona, such as urban dance workshops and sports Master Classes,
or the elaboration of a collective artistic mural. We will, of course, maintain some of our
"mythical activities", such as Mentoring programs, tasting lunches, or competitions.
sports in the university trophies. The starting gun is fired!

May 24
777Backstage: Charity Fashion Event

This Saturday we celebrated the 777Backstage, a non-profit fashion event. Attendees could contribute food for the Bank
of Food. It was based on a concept of inclusive fashion, with models that are not usually seen on the catwalks, because they do not
respond to the aesthetic canon or because they belong to vulnerable groups. More than 150 people joined us for this event, which was attended by the following
The event was enlivened by several music and dance companies.

April 28
End of the year party

This year the end-of-year party has been brought forward so as not to coincide with exams. We enjoyed a special catered dinner and live music by DJ Mikel Carvalho.

April 1
Surgery Conference for Students

Once again, Camplus Pamplona participates as a sponsor in the Surgery Conference for Students of the University of Navarra.
Thanks to this agreement, four of the sixty medical students in our residency have been able to attend the master classes and workshops free of charge.

March 7
Meeting with women writers

We wanted to celebrate Women's Day by organizing a colloquium with nine women writers from different regions of Spain and Latin America. During the colloquium, very interesting topics were discussed, such as empowerment and self-esteem, vocation and freedom, wave
creativity as a vehicle for communication and support.

February 28th
Awareness and social values

Thanks to our partnership with the Fabre Foundation, we have organized two exhibitions aimed at raising awareness among our students in areas that are important to us. The first of these has focused on environmental protection and sustainable development; and the second on equal opportunities and gender vision.

February 19
Weekend in the snow

More than 70 students from Camplus Pamplona have been encouraged to spend a weekend skiing in Formigal. The students really enjoyed the skiing, the conviviality and the atmosphere!

February 14th
Valentine's Day Camplusero

At Camplus Pamplona we love to celebrate Valentine's Day. During this day, our students can leave each other messages of friendship and
The mural of rooms that we placed in the hall. They were also able to take the memory of their most affectionate photos in the photocall and enjoy the valentinesca food and the "candy-table".

February 1
Participation in the Rector's Trophy

Camplus Pamplona has had a large representation in this year's Rector's Trophy of the University of Navarra with three 7-a-side soccer teams. Luck has been mixed, with one of them eliminated in the round of 16 and the other two teams reaching the quarterfinals. We are very happy for their effort and because they have been very well supported by their friends in the resi.

September 15
We resume mentoring programs

As in previous years, we have organized work groups by careers so that veteran students can support and help younger students academically. This year we have Mentoring in Engineering, Biotechnology, Medicine, Biochemistry and Biology, Law and International Relations, and Economics and Business. And as a novelty, we are launching Mentoring in Design and Artistic Creation!

September 1
Sports activities in our new gym

We start the school year with a new gym and sports activities! Functional training, Initiation to Boxing, Pilates (medium level and hit), Hipopresivos and Hatha-Yoga. Every day of the week, you can choose! And on weekends, special activities, all of them very aerobic and, above all, a lot of fun! Master Class of Kangoo power, gluteus, or zumba, for all tastes.



How do I make a reservation?

After providing your information by clicking on RESERVA, you must submit a photocopy of your ID card or passport, a recent passport-sized photograph and proof of admission to the school (once you receive it).

You must also pay 150 euros at the end of the RESERVATION, which is deducted from the first payment you will make afterwards, corresponding to the deposit. The 150 euros are refundable if you cancel before July 25 and the reason for the cancellation is that you are not going to study in Pamplona.

Do I lose the 150 euros reservation fee if I do not study in Pamplona?

In the event that you do not study in Pamplona, we will refund the full amount of the reservation fee by July 25 of the corresponding year and presenting a copy of the registration at the university where you are going to study.

How much is the cost of the bond?

It represents a total cost of 900 euros. This amount is refunded at the end of the stay if the resident has not caused any damage and has not left the residence before the deadline agreed in the contract. Of course, the amount is lower in the case of temporary stays.

What is included in the monthly fee?

Accommodation, use of common areas and gym, cleaning, bed linen and towels, meals (half board or full board from Monday to Friday), high-speed Internet, 24-hour video surveillance, maintenance, events organized at the residence, etc.

Everything is included except the weekend dining service (16 euros/day), which is paid separately if you want to hire it, and personal laundry (2 euros/laundry). Nor your personal expenses, the pizzas you want to buy…☺

How is payment made once the course has started?

Each month, through a bank receipt. For other monthly payment systems, please consult with the management of the residence.


Does the residence provide bed linen and towels?

Of course, we provide it and take care of washing and changing it weekly.

How often do you do the cleaning?

Rooms 2 times/week. The common areas on a daily basis.

Is there a parcel service?

Yes, we pick up letters and parcels. Please make sure they arrive in your name and have the correct PO BOX on them so we can identify them and they go to the locker where you can pick them up directly.

Is the gym free of charge?

Of course, free for you, as a resident, and at your disposal 24 hours a day. All sports activities are included in the fee, so you can stay in shape at the residence!


Can I customize my room?

We love that you make the space your own. There are rooms that look like real palaces!

But please do not drill holes in the walls. The room should look the same when you leave as you found it.

Is there a minimum length of stay in the residence?

No, in the residence we also admit students who come to the university for temporary stays. We love to welcome you, you bring a lot of internationality and joy to our residence!

Can my family and friends stay at the residence?

Yes, we will be happy to welcome you! We will reserve a room for you. They cannot sleep in yours, as it is for the exclusive use of the resident.

Can I bring pets?

We love animals! But not in principle. Only for visits and after consultation with Management.

What is the atmosphere like in the residence?

We are delighted. There is a very good relationship between our residents. We try to encourage socialization with a wide range of activities that we organize for them: sports activities, gastronomic events, dances, workshops, celebrations, excursions, etc.


Is there food service on weekends?

Yes, we offer a dining room service that you can hire on a weekly basis. It costs 16 euros/day and includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s homemade food and it’s very good!

What does the picnic service consist of?

If one day you can’t eat at the residence, you can ask us for your picnic. You only need to order 24 hours in advance. It consists of a first, second course and dessert, which we deliver in a convenient thermal bag.

Can you also store my food for me if I will be arriving at the residence outside the dining room hours?

Of course, just let us know. You will never be short of food, and good food at that!

Do you cook in the residence itself?

Of course! We have our own kitchen and offer a wide variety so you can choose tasty and healthy dishes. At noon you have 3 choices of first courses, 3 choices of second courses and a buffet of assorted salads. At dinner you have a salad buffet, 2 choices of first and 2 choices of second courses. And breakfast, just like in a hotel! Coffee, cola cao, toast, cookies, pastries, fruit, juices and even bacon and eggs!

Can I request half board instead of full board?

Of course it is! Whatever you want and need. We will give you a discount on the fee.

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