Paula Perez

Today we have a student of the week from Jerez. Paula is a 3rd year medical student, although this is her first year with us.

“The vocation came to me because of my experience with my brother, who was born with congenital heart disease, and since I was a little girl, I have experienced at home all the medical needs he has had, and this has made me interested in medicine. Studying medicine was a carefully thought-out decision: “I knew it was what I wanted to do, but also that it was a very hard career; my mother, who I believe also has the soul of a doctor, was the one who always supported me in my decision”. “In medicine you don’t stop studying all your life, plus each patient is a world and a constant learning process. What I like the most once I have started my internship is to see the grateful face of the patients when they look at you; knowing that you have helped someone is worthwhile and you think… This is my thing”.

Paula loves to travel, and even considered training to become an airline pilot, although since the end of secondary school it was clear to her that her true vocation was medicine. Another of his hobbies is the guitar and he has spent several years learning at an academy: “What I like to play the most are classical pieces that require a lot of technique”.

She is also very fond of motorcycles: “Since I was little I used to go to the Jerez circuit to watch the races with my father; I love riding a motorcycle with him. I’m a big fan of racing and I watch it every weekend I can”. Paula also has an older sister and she is already a tita! Her pregnant sister came to visit the residence with her and we already know her nephew Enzo, who is also her godson, a real doll!

I have adapted better than I expected because I am very shy, but it has been easy to meet people and make friends, besides the good group that we have made some new residents, we get together and we also get along very well with many veterans”.

In Seville she is also very comfortable: “In addition to the race being one of the most prestigious in Spain, it is the perfect distance from my home so I can go whenever I want, like now, when I have been at the Feria de Jerez”.

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