Angela Ochoa

Today we bring as student of the week a very special resident… And very creative… Last year she won the Christmas door contest and this year, with her version of “The Starry Night” by Van Gogh, the Christmas card contest: “I have a history with contests; at my school with my group we signed up for a lot of contests and we won them all. I won a school reporter contest where you had to do interviews, upload photos… Our magazine was called “Nosotras Y Tú”, like the acronym of the New York Times”. He also won a crystallography competition making a Frozen castle and, on another occasion, he represented La Rioja in a UNESCO event in Cordoba in which one student from each community of Spain participated.

Ángela, who comes from Logroño, is studying for a degree in Computer Engineering. When she was a child she wanted to be an inventor and has always been interested in science: “I really liked mathematics, but in the second year of high school I opted for computer science because I liked both the studies and the possible opportunities”. She is very happy with her degree and is doing quite well. When she finishes she wants to do a Master in Artificial Intelligence: “I am attracted to mathematics and programming and as it is something that is emerging now, I think it may be the perfect time to get into this field and, perhaps, also research on it; I would like to dedicate myself to something that is to think and not sit down to do something mechanical”.

Ángela is one of those people who has done a bit of everything; she likes to try different things and has practiced fencing, athletics, piano… And she has also been taking oil painting classes, she loves painting and, although she has put it on hold for a while now, she wants to take it up again at some point. The style he likes the most is realism.

Ángela considers herself an extroverted, cheerful and calm person, she has made many friends in the resi: “Last year we were a big group, but this year it has even grown; I think I will take friendships for life from here. I also like the fact that the people who work here create a very good atmosphere and are very lively.

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