Nicolás Sánchezº

Nicolas Sanchez

Nicolás Sánchezº

Nico had to work hard to be admitted to the bilingual double degree in Business Administration and International Economics at @upna. A very high grade point average was required, so in Bachillerato he sweated the shirt off his back! He was also doing two baccalaureates at the same time, the bilingual and the international. Those were hard years…!

Yours is a passion for Economics! He loves to read books on Finance and Entrepreneurship. In the future, he would like to create companies that contribute things to society, as his parents have done: “I hope to achieve my goal of entrepreneurship and become rich!”

He has already started to dabble, because he is always “looking for a living”; he works in the summers as a children’s instructor, gives sailing lessons, rents equipment… Nico is very active and alert!

He is from Soria and is still adapting to the rain in Pamplona… However, he is delighted with the city, because here he has a lot of family on his mother’s side and feels very accompanied. There is also his sister Lucía, a former (and very dear) student of the resi, who is finishing her final project.

One aspect that helped him choose Pamplona was that it has a well-known rugby club, La Única, where he currently plays. He has practiced many sports, from sailing (he is a boat captain!), to windsurfing, tennis, soccer or skiing. Rugby is his favorite, because of the level of physical demand and the contact, it helps him let off steam!

He also enjoys a somewhat more unusual sport, scootering. He’s a skate wizard! Fortunately in Pamplona there are many places where you can practice your hobby.

He is very happy in the residence, has made great friends and is very well integrated. He is already the captain of our Camplus C team! He is cheerful and sociable. He inspires confidence, for his naturalness and closeness. Nico, there’s no catch!

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