Foto Estela Conejero

Estela Conejero

Foto Estela Conejero

Estela was very attracted to law “since almost always”. It doesn’t run in her family (her father is an engineer and her mother is a nurse) but her best friend’s parents are lawyers. When they were children, they used to take them to see a trial. They liked to put on the toga and fantasized about the idea of defending just causes: “Since I was a child, I have not tolerated injustice, I have always raised my voice”. In high school, her friend decided to study audiovisual communication, but Estela still wanted to be a lawyer.

This is already her second year of law school, with a specialization in economic law, and Estela is delighted with her chosen profession: she will either be a criminal lawyer or work in the legal field of business.

At first he hesitated between studying in Bilbao, Madrid or Pamplona. It was a friend of her mother’s who advised her to choose UNAV because of the university’s prestige. She had a high grade point average and the UNAV allowed him to take the admission test in December, so half a year before the end of the course he already knew his destination.

She was not so lucky in his choice of residence. During the first course she saw that she had made a mistake and tried her luck at Camplus Pamplona: “I knew two students from Miranda de Ebro (her hometown) who were very happy at Camplus. I felt welcome from the first day. Everyone opened their doors to me, it wasn’t forced. The atmosphere in the residence is very good, there is a very good relationship between everyone.

In addition to law, Estela loves to read. And she has always played sports, especially skiing and volleyball. She has competed in both sports, although he prefers to enjoy them without the pressure of competition.

Estela is very sociable and very “inclusive”! “I really like to integrate people, that no one feels excluded or left out. I am also very joking and cheerful. You could say I’m the funny one of the group! I like people to enjoy being with me”. Estela is certainly “un solete” (nothing more precious than the sun here in the north!!!).

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