Iker Reinares

Iker Reinares

Iker Reinares

Our student this week is Iker, future scientist and current Biotechnology student. His family has suffered first-hand from serious diseases, such as cancer and Alzheimer’s, and his dream has always been to contribute to disease research.

Initially he was thinking of studying Biomedicine, but in the end he opted for Biotechnology at the @upna: “It’s practically like Engineering. We study Calculus and Algebra, Statistics, Physics or Thermodynamics. Last year I did well, but I’m looking forward to the third year, where the subjects are more specific.”

Iker does not yet know whether he will devote himself to research or teaching. Iker is a very patient person, and he is really enjoying being a teacher in the resi. “I really like teaching. Last year’s mentors helped us a lot. This year I want to say thank you for that help I received.”

He is delighted, in the city and in the residence, although he was scared at first. “I’m very embarrassing, but I actually made friends fast.”

Iker has always strived to get out of his comfort zone and gain confidence. He plays trombone in an orchestra and has played team sports, such as basketball, which have helped him open up.

Studying away from home has been an important stimulus to overcome her shyness. She is a very family-oriented person: “I have a very close relationship with my little sister. And my mother is a fundamental pillar. In difficult moments of my life, she has taught me that things happen for a reason and I have to approach it constructively.”

He also remembered his dog Max: “We adopted him just before the pandemic. We spent a lot of time together then. He’s a bit of an unfriendly dog… but when I come home, he goes crazy!”

It is normal to miss Iker. He is a charming, kind, responsible and helpful guy. One of his main fans is his grandfather Jaime: “He’s a technologist! He’s always watching what you post on social networks. The other day he told me ¡ya estás haciendo de profe otra vez!”

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