Diego Marín

Diego Marin

Diego Marín

We close 2022 with an interview with Diego, one of our most cheerful students. His sister Carlota had studied in Pamplona (and lived in the residence) while studying Law and Business Administration. It was she who advised him to come to Pamplona.

He had a hard time making up his mind, because he is very attached to his roots. Now he is delighted: “We have become very close in the residence, we are eight engineers who go everywhere together! Being with them stimulates me to study, and when we can go out, we do it too! I’ve been very lucky with the people I’ve met. And what can I say about the residence, honorable mention! You are very close and, especially, the cooks are very nice! The residence is in the center and 10 minutes from the university, you can’t ask for more!”

He is studying electrical engineering because life brought him there! He chose the subjects he liked the most in high school and, when he finished, everything pointed to this path. Last year he was not enthusiastic about the race, but in this second year he is enjoying it very much. It’s tough, but he knows he’ll finish it: “It’s a matter of commitment and perseverance. Even if you fail a subject, you have to keep going and withstand the pressure”.

Sport helps you relieve stress. He has always played soccer, he is a Mirandés “to death”! He has also practiced taekwondo and hiking, his father’s two passions!

Another important outlet is music; he likes a wide variety of genres, depending on the moment.

Diego is clearly an enthusiastic guy: “I vibrate with everything in life”. And it transmits it! He is cheerful, likes to laugh and likes others to enjoy him: “I try to face life with a sense of humor and enthusiasm”. He also considers himself very sincere and very friendly with his friends. In these two years away from home, he has learned a lot, especially to appreciate the love of his family, but also to see that there is a world outside Miranda de Ebro!

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