Sara Izpura

We start the 2023-24 academic year with a very special student. Sara is studying her third year of the Degree in Genetics at the CEU San Pablo University in Madrid and has had the opportunity to do her internship at CIMA this summer. His is, clearly, vocational: “I am passionate about what I study. My dream is to contribute to society through research, even if it is to conclude that my hypothesis was false! I’m not asking for a palace, it’s enough for me to be able to live off of it!” Sara discovered her vocation in the 4th year of ESO, when she was told about a certain monk (one of the precursors of genetic research) who, by crossing peas, opened a path that ended up taking shape in Mendel’s Laws. Sara thought that was very interesting! and she knew what her destiny was. His field of study has many applications, such as population genetics, or the genetic foundations of breeding: “For example, you can intervene in plants so that they adapt better to drought and that farmers have better harvests.” The experience at CIMA has been his first foray “away from home” and he has found it very enriching. He only has words of praise for CIMA, which is an absolute reference! His research was related to liver cancer: “Types of cancer that are difficult to solve are one of the areas that most attracts me. “I applied for the Scholarship from the Spanish Cancer Association and I was lucky enough to be awarded it.” In Madrid she collaborates as an internal student in two areas: in one of them, she investigates the case of a patient who was exposed to Covid twice and the third time became seriously ill. He had a variant in a protein and is analyzing the possible reason. The second line of research is related to flu deaths. There are people who, after a flu, suffer from pneumonia caused by a bacterial infection. Sara studies the bacteria that are in the lung to identify the cause. His passion for research runs in the family, since his father is a university professor and researcher. Her parents have always trusted her and supported her in her decisions, including her choice of career and internship: “Without them, I wouldn’t be here.” It is very stimulating to talk to Sara, her topics of conversation are exciting! She is mature, dedicated and very persevering! She also considers herself creative, not in vain her world is pure innovation! At Camplus she has made two great friends, those who will last a lifetime! Verónica and Maitena threw him a very emotional farewell party yesterday. Sara leaves a precious memory in what will always be her Home in Pamplona. Sara, we will miss you!

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