Javier Goicochea

This week we introduce you to Javi. He wanted to study Engineering, but he didn’t know which one! After the orientation sessions at the Jesuit School of Tudela, he opted for Industriales. I would study in Pamplona and at Camplus! “Miguel, Pablo, all the old columnists told me: if you go to Pamplona, go to Camplus! It is very well located and there is a very good atmosphere. And they were not wrong! He decided to stay near Tudela because he did not want to leave football. He plays at Valterrano and on weekends he travels around Navarra to compete. He combines it with the residence’s 7-a-side soccer team. And last year he even trained at a club in Pamplona, Oberena. He doesn’t play football anymore because he can’t! He also likes tennis and ping pong, going out into the mountains and going to the gym, just to stay in shape! “I don’t want to have a muscular body. “I do sports to feel good and eat without worrying!” This year he will be a teacher in the Mentoring in Industrial Engineering at the resi: “It helped me a lot: we did exercises together and they explained to me how to focus on each subject, where to invest more time, what each teacher was like… We liked to talk and we had a good time Well, that’s also important!” Mentoring helped him so much that he managed to pass all the subjects, something that was not easy in the first year! “The race is complicated, but it can be done, you need 80% dedication and 20% luck. I admit that I was lucky in two subjects, I passed them with a 5.0! “He does not consider himself an organized person, but he is responsible in his studies. The vocation runs in the family, since his two sisters are engineers! His parents are mathematicians, definitely science people! He is sociable, kind and happy. He is always smiling and admits that it is very difficult for him to get angry! “I don’t like very few people.” And vice versa, sure. With that character, few people can dislike him!

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