Carlos Ochoa

Carlos, our student of the week, admires the profession of his uncle, who is a Red Cross diplomat.

Carlos loves politics, traveling as much as possible and languages. It has a spirit, very nomadic! So when she discovered the International Relations Degree at UNAV, she realized that this was what she was looking for!

He does not yet know where to focus, because his career is very open-ended: diplomacy is very attractive to him, international consulting for companies, and even the strategic field of international security seems exciting to him!

He wanted to study outside Santander. Pamplona was the perfect choice, because I could take flight and, at the same time, count on support. Much of his family is from Pamplona, including his grandparents. It was the perfect plan.

He admits that the adaptation in the resi cost him zero! “Within one minute of being in residence, I made my first friend. In five minutes, there were four of us. In ten minutes, eight… Currently, in my group of friends in the residency, there are 20 of us, most of us from Medicine (because it just happened that way, and because there are many medical students in the residency! I am very happy.

He chose Camplus because it was recommended by his cousin, who lives in Pamplona. He assured her that the location and ambiance were the best! That is how he landed in our residence, where he is very well integrated. In fact, he is the captain of our Camplus B indoor soccer team, even though… it’s not his strong point: “I like soccer, but I’m terrible at it. I’ve played many sports, none in particular, I preferred to change, to learn new things”.

One of his main hobbies is music, specifically the electric guitar. He also plays classical guitar, but what really motivates him is rock! He would love to be part of a music band, but as a hobby, not professionally.

She considers herself a reserved person who has no trouble making friends! He is sociable, cheerful and, above all, very lively! He has initiative and likes to organize motivating plans. Alert and decisive, he is a student who contributes and does not go unnoticed!

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