Samuel Ricca

Our student of the week, Samuel, is a resident with a particularity: He is our only resident of Seville capital… and, is that, studying Biology at the US (now in 4th year), his parents went to live in the US for work reasons. When he left, they preferred him to be in a residence and trusted Camplus Sevilla, and according to him they were not wrong: “I am very very happy in the residence, I love the atmosphere and I have no intention of moving to an apartment. I am very comfortable and very close to the classes; we all get along very well”. This is his second year with us.

He likes almost everything about biology: “I love the countryside, the bugs, my vegetable garden…”. She does not yet know what she will specialize in because she is also attracted to the laboratory and research: “I know it is not a career with many opportunities, but it is very vocational and I decided to study for vocation; I like to raise bugs, especially praying mantises, I raise them and feed them. They are carnivorous and eat all kinds of insects”.

Samuel is a very creative person: “I’m inventing all day long”. He has many interests and hobbies, a very curious one, he digitally colors old photos. She has a profile on Instagram with her creations: @romanovized, and here we share some of them. Most of them are images of the daughters of the Russian Czars, and she is passionate about history, especially about Russia up to the Revolution. She recommends a book on this topic that we will publish soon in our #literaryMonday, “El testigo invisible” by Carmen Posadas.

He is also very interested in politics. He loves to debate: “I like to talk about politics, but I don’t like conversations to get personal or attack, I’m interested in the exchange of ideas”.

In addition to the art of photos, he loves to draw and has done so since he was a child: “I’ve been drawing since I was three years old because I didn’t like to forget what I had dreamed, so I would draw it to remember it”.

He is also very fond of movies and likes, above all, some classics such as Cinema Paradiso or The Godfather. Despite being very sociable, he enjoys spending a lot of time alone to cultivate these hobbies.

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