Elena Giráldez

Today we bring our first student of the week from the province of Seville. Elena comes from Aguadulce, although she did her high school in Osuna, very close to her hometown.

Since she was a child, she has seen the pharmaceutical environment at home and that is where her vocation to enroll in Pharmacy came from, although, until she was able to gain access because of her grades, she was enrolled for a week in Chemistry, also at the US. Both her father and sister studied pharmacy and her mother is an X-ray technician, also in the health field, and now works as an administrator in a health center.

In the future, Elena does not see herself in a pharmacy but in the field of research: “I chose Pharmacy not only for vocation, because I think it is a career with many opportunities, research, cosmetics…”. So far, she seems to have succeeded: “I’ve noticed quite a change compared to high school and sometimes the effort is not so rewarding, but I’m happy, I’m enjoying it and it’s a nice career.

Elena is a very sociable and outgoing person and almost always goes around the residence with a smile: “I really like talking to people and feeling that others can count on me for whatever they need”.

He also considers himself a very familiar person and: “In the residence I have found like another family with my colleagues, both with the new ones and with the veterans, who, from their experience, also help you in what they can. I also like to see how the different groups in the residence relate to each other.” “I’m also delighted with the food and I’m trying things I wouldn’t eat at home.” Elena is a great fan of gastronomy: “I love to visit new restaurants with my father”. She also enjoys spending time with her sister, who lives very close to the resi: “I’ve always been more crazy-headed and I’ve learned a lot from her, who is more disciplined”.

We used to come almost every weekend we could to eat, to buy clothes, to be in the city…”. “The truth is that Seville is a city that has everything.”

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