Paola Albelda

Paola, our student of the week, is another of the “veterans” who entered the residence on our opening day in September 2021. We were especially excited about his arrival. She wanted to book with us because her brother Josué had been living in the Camplus Pamplona residence a few years before and recommended it to her. In addition, the location could not be better for her, as she is studying a degree in Physics at Reina Mercedes.

Paola comes from Logroño. She is considered extroverted and from the resi we also see her as a kind and polite person. When we have had to deal with her, everything has been easy.

He enrolled in Physics in Cantabria where he attended classes for a week, but then he got a place here and did not think about it. Her whole family is in love with Andalusia, even her older sister got married in Seville. His parents are also thinking of buying something around here to move to in the future: “Once you go down south, it’s hard to come back up. I couldn’t have picked a better city, it has everything, it’s big but comfortable, the weather… I love walking downtown or sitting by the river.”

Until the last minute Paola was not sure what to study and she is happy with her choice: “I like physics because it helps you understand why things happen and how to see them. It’s a hard but beautiful career. I don’t know what specific field I want to pursue, wherever life takes me. Physics has many opportunities, more than I imagined”.

She came to our resi with her inseparable friend Paula. They have been together since kindergarten, they both study physics and went the same year (although to different families) to do their first year of high school in Canada: “It was great, I discovered a lot of world and made many friends, the pity is that we got caught by the COVID and I had to come back early; the worst thing was the cold, we were at -25 degrees.

Some of those friends are from Germany, and last month they went to visit with 13 other residents: “The trip went very well for the large group we were.”

Until she went to Canada, Paola practiced karate and reached black belt. “From karate and the sport I keep the routine and discipline it gives you.”

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