Marta Rodriguez

Today we have as student of the week Marta, another of our “classics” who arrived last year from our beloved Montijo (Badajoz).

We already talked about Marta in the interview with Mario, her cousin: “Mario is like a brother to me; we have grown up together, he is a great friend and I am grateful to have entered the residence at the same time because he talks to everyone and made it easier for me to meet people”. “I couldn’t have been luckier with friendships; you can tell how good you are in a place by how little we go home on the weekends. We’ve made a really good group and we’ve even had 80 people leave the dorm together.”

Marta is studying psychology, and although until the first year of high school she was thinking of doing medicine, she gradually changed her mind… And she is very happy: “The faculty works very well and we do internships in almost all subjects”.

When she began her studies she was thinking of setting up her own private practice in the future, but now she is more inclined to do the “PIR” to work in a hospital, although it is complicated because there are very few psychologists in each center.

“I’ve always liked hospitals because, even though it’s apparently a very sad thing, I look at it from the perspective of being able to help others recover.” If she were to eventually end up in private, she would love to work with children. María José, her mother, is a teacher and Marta has always liked children and has even participated as a monitor in children’s camps.

Marta’s (and Mario’s) family couldn’t be more welcoming. This year they have repeated the excursion to Montijo and for their birthday up to 20 residents went; they had a costume party and tasted a delicious paella cooked by their father, Rafael.

For many years Marta practiced rhythmic gymnastics and piano, which she began playing at the age of 8 in a music school. He did it as a hobby, with no special interest in obtaining a degree: “What I enjoyed the most was performing modern songs”.

What he likes most about Seville is the weather and the atmosphere and going out for tapas from noon onwards, especially in Triana: “My mother loves La Esperanza de Triana and we have been coming to this neighborhood a lot”.

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