Nora Azkárate

Today we introduce you to Nora, our student of the week and the last one of the year! Studying Psychology at @upna. It was the career that best matched her profile: “I like to listen to people, understand them and help them. It seems to me that psychology is a career that suits me, I see myself being me”.

The first year seemed very general to him, but now that he has gone deeper into some subjects, he knows he made the right choice and knows where he is headed. She is interested in clinical psychology, in the hospital setting, preferably with children: “I want to experience the intensity of a hospital, meet patients and families, especially children”.

Nora could have studied in San Sebastian, but she wanted a change of scenery. Pamplona attracted him because of the student atmosphere and the proximity. Used to Donosti, she didn’t see herself in a big city! He saw the residence and liked the facilities and location. A student from his school had stayed at Camplus and recommended it to him. Her friend Mare, one of her main supporters, was also there: “I’m super! I count on Mare, who has known me all my life. And we have made great friends, both boys and girls, there is never a lack of plans. They are my family here, I’m going to be very sad to leave…”.

In his spare time, he loves skiing. His family has a house in Candanchú and now that he is in Pamplona it is even closer! He also likes to play the piano; when he returns to Donosti, he always makes the most of it! It makes you feel confident, good about yourself, helps you de-stress and perform better.

Nora is cheerful and sociable. He finds it hard to relate a bit at first, but only until he gains confidence! She is very self-demanding, for her it is important to do things right! Reflective and profound, she will not stay on the surface. He likes to put his empathy at the service of others. Yours is clearly vocational!

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