Nicolás San Juan

Nicolás “saw the light” when he studied technical drawing in high school. That was definitely his thing! And it was clear to him that he would study architecture or engineering. She talked to several friends and family members, and came to the conclusion that Industrial Engineering was the degree that best suited her profile.

And so it has been! He is very happy with the race and with @upna. And very confident in their chances! “I’ve done well in the first quarter. I know I will finish my degree and, if I can do it in the years planned, all the better!”

However, he recognizes that the career is very hard and that, during these first months of the course, he has practically only dedicated himself to studying and playing soccer. Because sport is essential for him, it helps him cope with the pressure. In addition, he has been admitted to a good team, Gazte Berriak, which plays in the División de Honor, where he has fully fit in. He also dabbles as a Camplus A coach in 7-a-side soccer, so he lives immersed in soccer!

He is delighted with the city, which has always attracted him, and with the residence: “I had a clear choice for Camplus. It was recommended to me by my cousin (our dear @miguel!!) and many friends and acquaintances from Tudela and the Jesuit School. I have met a lot of people here and I am doing very well”.

Nicolás is sociable, outgoing and “good people”. He considers himself responsible and persevering. We know that, with your dedication and confidence, you will succeed in your studies and in sports!

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