Alicia Lizar

Alicia has very clear ideas. And, in terms of studies, even more! “I have always wanted to study medicine. I like to help others and bring them a little happiness. In high school I tried very hard because either I studied medicine, or I studied medicine! If I hadn’t gotten a place, I would have done another health career and transferred the file…”

Even as a child, she remembers being very curious. He used to accompany his aunt, who is a nurse, when she had to treat patients. It was his best hobby!

In principle, I did not plan to study in Pamplona. It was too close to Tudela! Until he discovered the UNAV curriculum. And, once again, she was clear: “The day they told me that I had been admitted I felt pure joy!”

In Pamplona he is happy! “I don’t go to Tudela very often, my mother tells me, it’s hard to believe that I have to go up there! I’ve made some great friends, nine of them are from the nursing home and two from outside. We support each other a lot, living together we share everything. We are not freekies, we just love what we study”.

They are all mentors in the resi: “We like to help the first year students, not only with the subjects, but also with advice on how to study, organize themselves and take exams. And even though we are mentors, we also learn from each other! Mentoring helps us reinforce concepts.

He is doing well, gets good grades and has not failed any subjects. She admits to not being fully prepared for when “the stumbling block” comes. She is very self-demanding and knows that, thanks to her desire to excel, she has been able to make her dream of studying medicine come true. “So far, I’ve achieved everything I’ve set out to do with hard work. The day I don’t achieve my goal, it will be a turning point!”

She admits that she has little patience and is very stubborn! She is kind and familiar, admitting that her grandparents are her greatest weakness! He also has adoration for his parents and his dog Pipo. Luckily, he studies close to home and can see them whenever he feels like it!

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