Maria Polina

Our student of the week, Maria Polina, decided to study Marketing because of the influence of her aunt, who is a Marketing Director and Maria has always found it very inspiring. She would love to work in this sector, especially in the field of fashion: “In Donosti we like to dress well. In my family we have always taken care of that aspect. When I finish Marketing, I’ll do a master’s degree related to Fashion, I’m passionate about it!”

She also loves sports, particularly rhythmic gymnastics. Since the age of eleven, she has participated in a club doing gymnastics sets. Last year he achieved his greatest achievement, second place in the Guipuzcoa championship! It was clear to her that, if she studied in Pamplona, she would continue training. She joined a club in Ansoain, where she is delighted! and in June she will compete in Navarra.

Gymnastics has brought her friends, satisfaction and learning! “Gymnastics has given me self-esteem, mental control and discipline. When you compete, you know that, in the five minutes that the choreography lasts, you put the work of the whole year on the line. You learn to develop physical and mental strength, and to handle frustration. It has also helped me to release tension, manage my time and have healthy lifestyle habits. In addition, I have learned a lot about teamwork. When you do ensembles, you have to be very synchronized with your teammates, because five people make one. We demand a lot from each other, and we also take care of each other and appreciate each other. It creates very nice bonds.

She chose Camplus because it was recommended to her and because it is in the center of the city: “I am 10 minutes away from everything. I’ve made a lot of friends and the atmosphere is very welcoming – you’re all very nice!”

She admits that, between running and gymnastics, she doesn’t have much free time, but she always finds room for her great hobby: reading. “I love fantasy and romance books. I’m a freeky, in three days I’ve read 600 pages! I like to let my imagination run wild, it’s very liberating.”

Maria is sensitive and affectionate, as she herself says, a teddy bear! She considers herself empathetic and very family oriented. It is impossible not to be fond of him, in the resi he has captivated us!

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