Natalia Del Rio

Natalia, our student of the week, wanted to study a degree related to Economics, Politics, Business and International Relations. He is attracted to the idea of entrepreneurship and would like to start his own company in the future. He is also interested in languages. He is also clear that, when he finishes his degree, he would like to work abroad, preferably in the USA. He has always had good grades and could be encouraged to do a Double Degree.

Analyzing all this, he decided that the best option was the Double Degree in Economics and International Business Administration of the @upna. It included a year abroad (next year he will study in Germany!), plus Erasmus, and was taught in English. And it covered economics and business. He had it all!

In her second year, she is happy, although sometimes she feels that she learns more by reading economics books on her own… But, in general terms, the double degree is fine. She also likes the city, she had heard good things about the atmosphere in Pamplona and they were right! He is quite independent and does not usually return to Palencia more than once a month, even if this means not seeing his sister, whom he adores!

In his spare time, he enjoys playing sports. He has practiced swimming, basketball, volleyball, paddle tennis… In Pamplona he goes to the gym of the resi every day. “I need to exercise, it helps me disconnect.”

He is also passionate about reading, especially economics and personal development books.

And, of course, travel! He has traveled through part of Europe. His last getaway was to Bordeaux, with friends from the resi! He is very attracted to casual, impromptu plans. He has an adventurous side!

Natalia is cheerful and friendly. She may be shy at first, but she makes friends easily. She is also collaborative, she is contributing a lot in the resi Mentoring. The first graders are thrilled with it! She is active and lively, definitely likes to make the most of her time!

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