Sergio Urgeles

Our student of the week is Sergio, a future entrepreneur! He dreams of opening a business when he finishes his degree. His grandfather has had companies and has always been his great reference!

At first he hesitated between studying international business administration or the bilingual double degree in economics and business administration at the @upna. He chose the second option and couldn’t be happier!

He is also glad he chose Pamplona, as it is close to Zaragoza, his hometown, and is the ideal size! He has family in Navarra and that factor also encouraged him in his decision.

It was his relatives who recommended the residence, although he visited three, in order to evaluate. (Fortunately) the chosen one was Camplus, because of its university atmosphere and its location: “I am fifteen minutes away from any point in the city and very close to the university”.

Coming alone gave him respect, but the fear soon dissipated! “I was scared to death when I arrived at the residence, but within three days I had made friends. It’s a big group and we get along very well.”

In his spare time he loves to play sports. Above all, he enjoys tennis, which he has played since he was a child. He is a certified instructor (and wouldn’t mind giving classes if anyone is up for it!) He also used to practice judo until he broke his leg… and decided to look for a “lighter” sport. Although he chose boxing, I don’t know about that…! He also enjoys soccer and swimming.

He also loves cars. He’s getting his license, and he’s eager to drive!

He is a very sociable boy, loves to socialize with people, although he is also independent, enjoys a lot when he is alone and values his “moments of peace”. He has had to travel and make a living, so he considers himself to be a fairly autonomous person, who knows how to “pull his own chestnuts out of the fire”. He is smiling and friendly, as we say in Navarra, a nice guy!

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