Naroa Michelena

Naroa, our student of the week, has always been interested in the business world. He also considers himself a creative person, who likes to do new things. When she discovered that the UNAV offered a degree in Business Administration with Innovation and Entrepreneurship, it was clear to her that it was her thing! It was also in English, another attractive aspect, because he loves to travel and wants to live abroad in the future. He has had the opportunity to spend several summers in England, Canada and the USA. This helped him to perfect the language and opened his mind a lot. The career is also providing her with opportunities in this regard, as many of her peers come from other countries. It has been a very enriching experience!

Naroa is quite determined and already thinks she knows what she wants to do for a living. He enjoys the business field and, in particular, Marketing and Sales. When he finishes his Bachelor’s degree, he wants to do a Master’s degree in the area of Digitization. And, because he wants to focus well, next year he will sign up for the university’s Marketing Club and Big Data Club. And he also wants to collaborate with an NGO. This year, being his first, he preferred to focus on his studies.

The same has happened with sports. This first course he has not signed up for any specific sport, in order to have few distractions. But next year he’s in for sure! He has always been very sporty, swimming, playing tennis and, above all, field field hockey for many years, until Covid arrived….

He is very happy in Pamplona. It is close to Guipúzcoa and it is also enchanted! “The residency has been a success, and so has the city. I wanted a mixed residency without excessive restrictions. I’ve made great friends here.

He defines himself as a very familiar and close person, and at the same time independent. She is outgoing and curious, lively and alert. Anything but calm! As she herself says, “a feliciana!”

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