Luis Riega

Luis, our student of the week, has always wanted to work in the social field. He studied in a public school, where he coincided with children of other nationalities and from families with economic difficulties. He always looked out for them and tried to help them to the best of his ability.

It runs in the family, as his aunt works in the social sector and his godfather has been a missionary in Mexico for 50 years. Luis’ dream is to become part of an NGO and dedicate himself to development cooperation in underdeveloped countries. To prepare himself well, he is studying social work at the @upna and is very happy so far: “I love the career. At first it seemed too general. But we’ve already gotten into the subject and I have subjects that I really like.”

In principle, Luis did not want to study in Pamplona. He wanted to go far away, to Granada or to another university city. Several friends were studying in Pamplona and finally decided. When he applied for a place in our residence, there were no single rooms left and he had to book a place in a double room: “I wouldn’t think of changing to a single room now. I’ve made a lot of friends with my roommate. We are very compatible and have a great time together.”

His hobbies include sports in the broadest sense of the word! He has practiced soccer, paddle tennis, tennis, ping pong, basketball, chess and judo. But his star sport will always be soccer. He started playing goalkeeper as a child: “I was chosen as goalkeeper because we didn’t have any and I was the one who ran the least in the team…”. He liked it, trained hard and has played for many years as goalkeeper for Club Deportivo Tudelano, one of the top teams in Navarra. And this year he has been Camplus’ goalkeeper in college tournaments!

In his spare time, he likes to lend a hand in the family business. He is very close to his parents: “My mother is the cornerstone. I am the way I am because of her. She has instilled in me the importance of making an effort and enjoying what I do. She has inspired me to have a cheerful attitude towards life and not to complain. I have the best parents in the world.

Luis is certainly a vital, expansive and sociable person. Pure positive energy! “I try to convey joy and put a smile on everyone I meet.”

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