Lucía Reed

Lucia Reed

Lucía Reed

Lucia, our student of the week, is a very versatile student! He is passionate about the arts, especially writing. He also loves to read, paint and take photographs. And the music! He has been playing the piano since he was seven years old.

On the other hand, he has always been interested in science and that is why he chose the Bachelor of Health. He was attracted to medicine, but he had no family references and had to ask people around him. “I would have liked to devote myself to writing. Putting ideas on paper gives things perspective. But I thought I should differentiate between my hobbies and my profession. And I opted for medicine.”

He decided to study at UNAV because of the prestige of the university and the possibility of studying in English: “My father is English. Although we live in Madrid, we always speak English in the family”.

At the moment (he is in his second year), he loves the career: “It has that human component that excites me. It requires dedication, but I don’t find it hard, because I am very interested in what I study. The first two courses are theoretical, but the third is very practical.

Our veterans are counting on us and I’m really looking forward to the third year. He got to know our residence through two classmates from his school, who came to study medicine in Pamplona, our dear Gabriela and Ana. And, in turn, Ana came recommended by another former student, Alfonso! Madrid seems big, but it must not be that big! “In residency, we medical students are a pineapple. Sometimes it limits your ability to expand your circle, but we have a very important common ground. Besides, I would have ended up having these friends, even if they didn’t study medicine, because they are great people, each in their own specific way. No one is left out in medicine. Our veterans accompanied us on the first day of school and we have done the same with the first year students.

We also organized a meeting a few days before, to explain everything to them. We have a group and we are very attentive to them”. And this week the Medicine Mentoring started at the residence, with a very good reception, especially from women!

He defines himself as a very reflective and analytical person. What stands out most about her is her cheerfulness, she always welcomes you with a smile! “I love to smile, it comes naturally to me. I always think that my mood affects those who are with me. By transmitting joy you can make other people’s day better.” That’s right, the famous mirror neurons!

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