Juan Núñez

Juan, our student of the week, was born in the Serranía de Ronda, although he has lived in Algeciras since he was three years old.

He is in the 2nd year of Computer Engineering. Initially I wanted to do medicine, but: “In the 4th year of ESO I realized that I really like manual work, it entertains me and I enjoy it, so I chose engineering. I also thought about Architecture, but I have always been attracted to computers, especially software and programming, and also video games, although in the end they are not as closely related to my studies as you might think”.

He is very happy with the race and is not doing badly at all! Since he started he has yet to fail any exams (and long may it last).

When he arrived last year from Algeciras with his friends Quique and Fernando, who are also still with us this year, he was motivated mainly by his brother who was finishing Biochemistry also in Reina Mercedes.

With Fernando and Quique, he also shares his passion for handball and they have played together in Balonmano Ciudad de Algeciras, where Juan joined at the age of 12 and became one of its captains. They were twice runners-up in Andalusia, qualifying for the Spanish Championship. The three of them, together with Juan Carlos, have been part of the US handball team in the Andalusian University Championship, held in Cordoba.

He is very comfortable in the residence: “I have never had any problems with anyone and I have never seen them, the only downside I see is that there are a lot of “béticos”.

In the future, he would like to continue his training abroad, perhaps with the idea of coming back and setting up something on his own: “If I can, I prefer to work for myself.

When Juan talks about the important people in his life, besides his brother, he is clear: My father is my main reference; I like to think that I am following in his footsteps, but then any problem I have I spend half an hour on the phone with my mother. My father is my academic support and my mother is my emotional support.”

“Then, in my day-to-day life, my main pillar is my partner, Claudia, who is also studying Early Childhood Education in Seville”.

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