Maria Bravo

Today we have a veteran 3rd grader as our student of the week. María comes from Miajadas (Cáceres), although she also feels a little bit Jerez. His father is from Jerez and they spend their summers there. Mary tells us about the word “balance”. He considers himself a balanced person and in this too: “I have the more rural side like going to the countryside with my grandfather, but I also like the more urban side; compared to other people from Miajadas I am more of a city person, but then in the city I am like more of a town person”.

In his studies he also sought a balance between two sciences that interested him, biology and chemistry, and decided on pharmacy. Her father is a nurse and her mother is a mathematician and was Maria’s high school teacher. He is liking the race, although he struggled a bit at the beginning. He is attracted to hospital pharmacy and nutrition and does not see himself working in or setting up a pharmacy.

One of his passions is traveling: “In my house it is something that has always been instilled in us; when you go out and get to know other cultures, you learn another way of looking at life. In every country there is something that catches my attention”. He has visited many countries in Europe and would love to cross the pond and see New York.

She has other hobbies such as handicrafts and hairdressing, which she is also good at: “When my sister or my mother have a wedding I always do their hair and last year when I visited the Seville Fair I did my own hairstyle”. Although the Feria de Jerez is more appealing to her: “I have lived it since I was a little girl when my grandmother used to make flamenco dresses for my sister and me”.

When she was a child she attended Jota extremeña classes and has participated in groups. Now she kills the bug by dancing a good sevillana when she feels like it. He is also very fond of Jerez zambombas.

He feels at home in the resi: “My friends here are like my family. I talk almost more with them than with my parents. I’m a stone’s throw away from the classes and I really like the food and the way you all interact with each other. The first year it was a little harder for me, but from the second year on we became a very good group. For us, Maria is a resident with exemplary behavior and treatment.

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