Maria Gragera

Today we have as our student of the week María, from our beloved Montijo (Badajoz). He studied Business Administration and Law at Loyola University, although it was not his only option. She was also attracted to psychology, but she is happy with her choice: “I really like the part related to law because it will be useful for everything in life… In the future I would like to be self-employed and have my own company”.

He also considered studying in Madrid, but decided on Seville: “Here everything is closer at hand, but at the same time there are always places to discover; it’s more “village” in a good way”.

She has always had good grades and planned to study at the public university, but she liked Loyola because it followed the same Jesuit line of her school (San José de Villafranca), which has its own residence: “Since the first year of ESO I was a boarder and for me a residence is like your second family; you mature because you leave your home and you have to find a life for yourself”. In Seville she looked for a family residence and she is very happy here: “When I come home from class I love to see my classmates or to stop and chat with the residence staff at the reception desk”, and María is one of those residents who is always smiling, polite and pleasant… She is a member of the student committee and this year her sister Carmen, who also studies at Loyola, has joined the residence: “Now I am even better because I have my sister here for any problem”.

His father also studied law. He is a cattle rancher and wrote the book we published in our literary Monday “El Mesto”, related to nature. Maria has inherited this love for the countryside and animals. She has a little dog and also went to horse lessons with her sister and mother.

From his homeland he misses his family, his parents, his brother, who has entered this year as a boarder at his school and his four grandparents… His face lights up when he talks about them: “They are all four very good. I love being with them.

He also enjoys reading and sports. He has practiced volleyball for many years and although he has put it on hold now, he wants to take up the sport again when he has more time.

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