Antonio Delgado

Our student of the week, Antonio, comes from Ecija, in the province of Seville, and lives in a rural area: “I love the tranquility of living in the countryside; compared to the city, it’s a different experience. I grew up surrounded by olive trees and animals and it’s part of my life”.

She is in the 3rd year of Chemistry, and she came to the resi last year because she lived in a shared apartment the first year. He is very comfortable here: “Three days after joining, I made friends and then that group has grown; we like to get together, for example, to celebrate birthdays. We have a very good group. From the residence, in addition to Antonio, we are also very fond of his mother, Montaña, who, as she is close by, comes very often.

Chemistry was for him almost his last option. He also liked Nursing, Medicine or Psychology: “I was changing my mind every month, but at the end of high school I got the light bulb of Chemistry and I don’t regret it; I have always liked it and when I was a child I used to ask for games like Cristalcefa and scientific books”. About his future, he is clear; he wants to be a high school teacher and to take the competitive examination for it. He also likes the fact that his career helps him to clarify and explain many things in everyday life.

Antonio is a great reader and has a bookshelf with more than 100 books (competing with ours on Literary Monday). He is attracted to fantasy books and is an unconditional fan of the Harry Potter saga, more of the books than the movies.

Another of his hobbies is music. Since he was a child he attended the conservatory with the viola, but he liked the clarinet and flute better and switched to a school to train with the clarinet. He is a member of the band Asociación Musical Ecijana (Amueci) with this instrument and often play at Easter, parades, concerts … As a consumer, what he likes to listen to is English pop music and does not like reggaeton. He considers himself a very calm person and this also influences his musical tastes. As he also enjoys collecting, he has started buying and collecting vinyl. He still doesn’t have a record player and wants to ask Los Reyes for it.

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