Foto Juan Santana

Juan Santana

Foto Juan Santana

The academic year begins and we resume our student of the week section! And we do it with Juan, one of our veteran students and, moreover, a native of Navarre! Juan is studying Business Administration and Management at UPNA and is delighted with his studies. He finds it very entertaining and very varied. He has always dreamed of starting his own business. She is a very creative and visionary person, she likes to imagine new projects. He has some ideas in mind, related to business and sports, his two great passions.

He is a very active person. He has played for Tudelano, the soccer team of his hometown, and now he plays for the resi soccer team. He also enjoys cycling and playing paddle tennis. When he is not studying or playing sports, he loves to hang out with his friends. In the resi he feels like a fish in water, since there are many students from Tudela and he has also made good friends in Pamplona: “In the resi I have a big group, very nice people and very diverse careers. We are several people from ADE, there are also students of Medicine, Engineering… a little bit of everything”.

She was sure that she would study in Pamplona, as her parents did, and she was also sure about the residence: “Camplus is in the center and that’s a luxury! I usually go to the university by bike and it takes me two minutes. When I walk, it takes me ten minutes. And being in the center, I have everything close at hand: restaurants, stores, the old town and the bus station.

He considers himself “very Tudelano”, but at the same time he is passionate about traveling. He spent a year living in the USA, where he had the opportunity to visit many places, and has also traveled with his family and friends. This summer he has made “a great trip” in Interrail through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Italy. He has been accompanied by several lifelong friends and also friends from the resi!

He is a cheerful, sociable and trustworthy guy. He enjoys helping others to the best of his ability, and has already volunteered to be a teacher at the resi in the Economics and Business Mentoring. Juan will not let you down! and will always be there to lend a hand.

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