Gema Rodríguez

Gema Rodriguez

Gema Rodríguez

Meet our student of the week: Gema, a smiling Valencian with a lot of light, like her homeland!!!

She is already in her second year and is very happy, but it was not easy for her to choose a career: “I admire people who have a clear vocation. A professor advised me to focus on what I was passionate about. But what was it?” I was hesitating between ADE and Law and I wanted to study in the USA. Until the UNAV gave an informative talk at his school: “When they told me about the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Data Analytics, which was taught in English, I found it very interesting. I have always been attracted to the field of Big Data, programming… I would love to be a hacker, but a good one! Besides, it seems to me that, combined with ADE, it has quite a future. It can open up a lot of possibilities for me.

As she decided very late to study in Pamplona, she had not looked for accommodation: “The UNAV delegate in Valencia organized a meeting with the students who came to the UNAV. There I met Teresa and she told me about Camplus. I have been happy here from the beginning. I have met people who are very close to me. There are times when we are very comfortable without talking, there is so much confidence that the silence does not bother. And the team of the resi too, you transmit us that you are a family, you welcome us as if it were our home”.

Against all odds, he has not found it difficult to adapt to Pamplona: “I thought I would always have to wear thermal tights… In Valencia there is more street life in winter. But in Pamplona people are very lively. It’s a very lively city with a great desire to have a good time. In Valencia it rains and classes are suspended. In Pamplona there are hurricanes, and people go out!”

Regarding his hobbies, he likes the simple life. She enjoys being with her friends and also loves to be alone with her thoughts. She is lively: she likes to propose new plans, such as going on the Camino de Santiago or going camping. He has been part of a scout group with which he has lived many adventures.

This year she wants to take advantage of the opportunities that the university is giving her, she wants to join a club and volunteer. When she was younger she used to take care of the elderly and she misses this facet. As a person, she is a very sincere girl with deep-rooted values: “In my group of friends, I have the role of ‘the responsible one’ and ‘the one who worries about everyone being well’. I like to surround myself with people I trust and really support each other”.

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