Javier Mora

We kick off 2024 with Javi as our student of the week. He is studying Aerospace Engineering, and arrived to the resi last year from Malaga, although he had lived 10 years before in Seville for work reasons of his father, so his incorporation to the city has been easier.

Javi always had in mind to train to become a fighter pilot when he finished high school, but because he had myopia, it was not possible. It was his dream since he was a child watching his father make model airplanes. Living near the airport also helped: “I used to see airplanes flying by and I’ve always liked that world.

He has not given up his dream of being a pilot, even if it is not a fighter pilot. His idea is to start working as an engineer and thus be able to afford the commercial pilot’s license, which involves a large investment of around 100,000 euros. He is also interested in designing aerospace vehicles: “I would love to design airplanes, helicopters…”. It is clear that his is a pure vocation.

Javi is a very “curious” person, with many hobbies, although his career is taking a lot of his time and he has abandoned some of them. He loves to read, mainly historical books. It is also very common to see him with his guitar in the living room of the resi and he loves to play it: “I try to learn on my own with videos that I watch on the internet”.

Another of his passions has been handball, a sport he has played since he was a child. He became part of the Andalusian national team participating in some Spanish championships, competing against other residents, mainly from Algeciras. He is also very fond of Holy Week, especially that of Malaga where he carries a throne in the Brotherhood El Rico, known because every year they release a prisoner from jail. He would love to know the Madrugá of Seville, but it is incompatible with enjoying the Madrugá of his city, which, for the moment, is too much for him.

He is very comfortable in the residence: “I have hit it off very well with Ale, my roommate, we have a very good relationship. Many of my group left last year, but this year I am also getting to know new residents who are very good kids”.

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