Chema Bazán

Chema wanted to study Biotechnology, but as the grade was very high, he decided to study Industrial Chemical Engineering, which he also liked and, in addition, he believes that it has many opportunities. When he finishes, he wants to take the leap to Biotechnology, which, by validating many subjects, he could do in fewer years. At the moment he sees his career as very abstract, but he knows that this always happens in the first year and he thinks that later he will like it more and more. He has done the Bachelor of Health, so some subjects such as Technical Drawing or Physics are costing him.

He is very proud of where he comes from: “Estepona is one of the best places on the Costa del Sol to live; before it was not so well known, but many reforms and improvements were made and it is a very good place to live”.

He is a person with many hobbies. His main passions are video games, biology and studying chemistry: “I have always been interested in living beings at the microscopic level and I have always been curious about their characteristics and their composition. As for video games, I have had all kinds of consoles, I can say that I like this more than playing sports… My Physical Education teacher dedicated a T-shirt to me with the slogan: “For the best theoretical athlete”. Of course, this year I started going to the gym with my friend Alejandro (also a Camplus resident)”. Alejandro and Chema were classmates in high school and now they are back together again in the resi.

Living in Seville is being an experience: “The change from being in your hometown to a bigger city has its history. Here I don’t leave the residence without Google Maps, I’m getting used to the bus schedules, to a city with more traffic… Now I’m using the bicycle a lot… I like the Reina Mercedes area because it’s very student-friendly with services at very affordable prices”.

She especially appreciates the friendships: “Unlike in an apartment, it allows me to get together with different people. I’m in an ever-growing group of friends; we stay up until the early hours of the morning studying together in the library. I’m very happy because I’ve made more friends than I ever imagined.

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