Diego San Román

Diego San Roman

Diego San Román

A priori it seems attractive to do a doctoral thesis on “How to make friends”. At least, that’s what Diego, our student of the week, thought when he embarked on the adventure of doing a PhD. He studied Economics and Business in Paris. There was a subject in his degree that he loved, Experimental Economics, and it awakened in him “the little bug” of research: “There is a branch of Economics that studies its impact on cultural, psychological, sociological aspects…. My thesis is part of this field.

At the moment, he recognizes that he is enjoying it very much! It is clear to him that he would like to dedicate himself to research and university teaching, because he is passionate about it! Although doing a PhD requires a lot of dedication and self-discipline.

He arrived in Pamplona “by chance”. He wanted his thesis to be supervised by a special professor who would add value: “If the right person had been in Honolulu, I would have gone there”. And the ideal tutor was Markus Kinateder, Professor of Microeconomics at the UNAV. He approached him with the thesis he would like to develop and Markus agreed to direct the project. And that’s how Diego made the leap from Paris to Pamplona!

It was not such a big change, because his father is from Bilbao. His mother is Argentinean and, although he has always lived in France, Spanish has always been spoken in his home! Coincidentally, he was summering in Benicarló, where he made friends, one of them from Pamplona. And since he landed in Navarra, he has not stopped suggesting plans! For him the adaptation has been very easy: “I find the people of Navarre very friendly. Paris is a very impersonal city, in Pamplona I felt welcomed from the first day”.

He considers herself an independent and very open-minded person. His father is a sports journalist and travels all over the world, maybe he has inherited that cosmopolitan spirit! He is interested in a wide variety of things, he doesn’t like to close his mind to anything! “I have practiced karate, judo, juggling, yoga, salsa, bachata… In Pamplona I do fitboxing, and I was also in the urban dance workshop of the resi! I am a very active person, but I also love to spend time reading, especially topics related to Economics and Psychology”.

Diego is sociable and very funny. Good communicator, it is impossible to get bored with him! He is also attentive and willing. He is always “there” for whatever you need. A real addition to the resi!

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