Hodei Arregui

Meet Hodei, our student of the week. He is studying 2nd year Biochemistry at the UNAV. Hodei is attracted to many different areas of knowledge: “I’ve always loved science, but also geography and history. I chose the scientific baccalaureate because of the professional opportunities, and as an optional subject, History of Art, which I love. I chose it, for the love of art! Hehe”.

He is finding Biochemistry very interesting, especially the field of Genetics and forensic analysis. In the future he does not rule out becoming a teacher, because he has had great teachers who have been references for him.

He decided to study in Pamplona to get away from Vitoria and, at the same time, to get out of his comfort zone. He has already had the opportunity to live in England and Ireland and knew that “leaving the nest” is a very enriching experience.

Staying in an apartment seemed very cold to him and he thought that he would be more comfortable and integrated in the residence. And so it has been! “At Camplus I have made lifelong friendships. I chose the residence because it was the best located and because of the close treatment you give to the students. What I like most about the residence is the good atmosphere, and the facilities you offer to make friends and not feel alone. And for the facilities, it’s a luxury to have this gym!

He is happy in Pamplona, although he misses basketball. Hodei played in the Vasconia youth teams and loves basketball! When he returns to Vitoria, he likes to meet up with his friends from the neighborhood, with whom he grew up and shared so many games.

He also loves reading, especially classic literature (he is now immersed in Crime and Punishment!) and traveling. He likes to get to know the non-touristy side of cities, see how people live and understand their mentality.

Conversing with Hodei is stimulating, you can tell he cultivates his mind and has varied interests. He is very kind and polite. He considers himself a perfectionist in studies and sports; his goal is not to be the best, but to seek the best version of himself. And he strives to achieve it!

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