Jorge Cebollada

Jorge, our student of the week belongs to the Cebollada saga, a family from Tudela that is very dear to us. Her brother Mario was a member of our student committee and of the resi soccer team, while he was studying the Double Degree in Law and Business Administration, which he is now finishing, in Poland!

And Poland was precisely the last country Jorge visited, to see his brother and because he loves to travel! Portugal, Andorra, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Albania… He has traveled a lot, it is one of his confessed passions!

The career he was interested in studying was not so easy for him to identify. She had a bachelor’s degree in health and was very attracted to the field of nutrition. Finally, he chose the @upna’s Bachelor’s Degree in Food Process and Product Innovation.

He is liking the career, although the first year almost all the subjects are Engineering. He is eager to tackle the study of food, it’s what interests him! He sees himself in the future working in a laboratory, or in a nutrition-related company.

In his spare time, he loves to play sports. He loves snowboarding and soccer, physical activity in general. He admits to going to the gym six times a week. He also rides his bicycle to college. Anything that is physical exercise is good for you!

He decided to study in Pamplona because of its proximity to Tudela. Besides, her mother works as a judge in Aoiz and it is a luxury to have her close by! Regarding the residence, it was easy to decide: “I knew it from my brother and besides, all the people I knew who studied in Pamplona were in Camplus! He felt integrated from day one.

He considers himself a fun and friendly person. He may be shy at first but, as a good Tudelano, if you give him confidence, he opens his doors to you!

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