Barbara Marina

Barbara, our student of the week, recognizes that her vocation came late: “I was not one of those who played at being a doctor. I wanted to be a sailor! I liked several professions. I’ve always been very curious, I’ve always been interested in the human body. And finally I decided to study medicine.

He entered the UPNA with one of the places reserved for elite athletes. Because Barbara has a second career, the sporting one. Play ice hockey at the highest level! He has been in the Spanish National Team and even in the Junior World Cup in Poland! He is as passionate about field hockey as he is about medicine: “It’s not easy to combine the two. I train hard during the week and on weekends I play matches. I see that my teammates have more time to study than I do. My family supports me, they prefer that I have a harder time getting through medicine before I give up the sport. They know that field hockey has given me a lot.

For the moment, she is not finding the race as difficult as she feared, perhaps because she is an organized girl and makes good use of her time. You can’t afford to “slack off”!

He chose Pamplona as a destination because it has a good ice hockey team, Club Huarte, and because of the proximity to Jaca, his hometown. He admits that he loves Jaca, loves the mountains and spending time with its people. He did not want to be away from his parents and sister. (By the way, the best bakery in Jaca, his family’s! Tested!!!)

The residence had been recommended to him and he thought it was very central, so he didn’t think much about it. Here he has made great friends and, besides, he is fed divinely! “I love the food at the residence. And I appreciate that you always save dinner for me, for after training. The cooks are a sweetheart!”

Barbara is outgoing and very friendly! We love his spontaneity and transparency. It is also cheerful and expansive. A first class Jacetana!

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