Fernando Pino

Fernando, our student of the week, has always wanted to be a National Police officer. He comes from Algeciras and whenever he saw a policeman on the street he thought that one day he would want to be one of them. He decided to enroll in Criminology at the US: “I didn’t want to take the competitive exams directly, but to have the backing of a career in case something went wrong and expand my possibilities”. A lot of laws are covered, as in the competitive examinations, so you already have a good base”. In addition, when he finishes, he plans to enroll in Law, which, with the validations, he could obtain in two years and it would help him to become a police inspector, which is still his dream.

He is a great soccer fan, a top-notch bético. His passion for soccer was instilled in him by his grandfather, who was a madridista. He became a member of Betis without anyone in his family. Already in the school breaks he started playing goalkeeper, a position in which he has been playing for years: “I was signed by Algeciras when I was a cadet, last year in Seville I played in the Historic Center and this year I am in La Puebla CF (A team of La Puebla del Rio) in 1st Andalusian: “I can’t imagine living without soccer. In summer, when I stop, I miss it; it helps me to disconnect from other obligations such as my studies”.

This season he will be the “capi” of the resi team with the help of our former resident Quique who will lend him a hand. With the Camplus team he doesn’t play as a goalkeeper: “When it’s a competition to have fun with friends I like to play as an outfield player”. I’m sure he will be a great captain, he is very sociable and always willing to collaborate.

Fernando entered our resi with some friends from Algeciras: “I had it easier from the beginning because I came with friends who have become my brothers; I have also met many new people. The treatment you give us here is very good, when there is a problem you solve it very quickly, I am happy here, also very close to the Betis Stadium where I go to see a game when I get tickets”.

He loves Seville: “It’s amazing, when I arrived here compared to Algeciras, I felt like I was in New York with so many buses, so many avenues and so many buildings”.

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