Miriam Ballestero

Our first student of the week for this course is Miriam who comes from Don Benito (Badajoz). She is one of the “veterans” and, although it is only her second year with us, she is in her 5th year of Pharmacy.

Her parents have a dental clinic, her mother is a dentist and her father is a manager and the easy path for her would have been to study dentistry but she did not feel this vocation.

Her mother had insisted that Pharmacy was a good option and in high school she really liked chemistry and began to be attracted to it: “I am very happy, it is a very complete career and has many opportunities, so many that until I do my internship I won’t know what I want to do”.

She is also passionate about nutrition and does not rule out taking a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, which, after having done Pharmacy, she could do in two years: “I see that they complement each other very well, I would love to set up a pharmacy with a nutrition practice, although that is still a long way off”.

On the more personal side, Miriam is polite, pleasant and empathetic, always willing to help others. Her resi group affectionately calls her “the mommy”. He also considers himself very much a family man and, although he loves Seville, especially discovering new places to eat and walking and running around the city, whenever he can he escapes to Don Benito for any family reunion.

Miriam began her university life in Seville in a women’s college with very few classmates and although it was also very good, she wanted to live the experience of a university residence with more classmates, more activities… She arrived at the residence at the age of 21 and thought it might cost her the change because she was a little older, but: “It is one of the best decisions I have made, here I have made a very nice group; this summer we have been in contact with the whole group. Besides, I am very happy with the variety of food, there are many options and there is always something you like”.

He is also very fond of sports; this vacation he has discovered kickboxing and has already tried kicking and punching the punching bag in the gym of the resi. She also loves reading: “Before I go to sleep I need to read for at least a few minutes, otherwise I have trouble falling asleep”.

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