Claudia Pesavento

Last year we introduced you to her cousin Mercedes, and today we bring you Claudia as student of the week. He comes from Benalmádena (Málaga) and is in 2nd year of Psychology. He has always been attracted to the human mind, and is a person who likes to listen and help others. When she finishes her degree she thinks she will dedicate herself to clinical psychology, although she does not close any door.

Before finishing, he plans to do an Erasmus in Italy. His father is Italian and sees it as a very good opportunity to get to know this country better: “Maybe I will go to Padua (where there is a Camplus residence) although it would be very strange for me to be in a Camplus other than Camplus Seville”.

She is passionate about the performing arts: “Since I was 6 years old I did ballet and contemporary dance. I stopped when I arrived in Seville, but I would like to take it up again; dance for me is something very vocational and I love it”. She also did theater in her school acting, even in cities like Zaragoza, Mérida, Huelva… In the future she would like to continue her training in theater and she doesn’t rule out taking a course in beauty and esthetics, another sector that interests her a lot.

She also loves animals and traveling. He is looking forward to an Interrail. Her mother has always instilled in her the importance of learning about other cultures and she has spent summers in Oxford and Switzerland to perfect her English and French, although she is now taking the B1 in Italian: “In my house when I was little we always spoke Italian and I have a good command of it, but more at a spoken level, and I want to get this qualification.

She is in love with Seville: “I want to go on Erasmus, but I’m sad to leave Seville, a city that has almost everything, although I miss the beach and the sea of my land. If I had a beach, they wouldn’t take me out of here”.

She is very much at home in the residence, with her friends and, above all, with her cousin whom she adores: “We have always had a great relationship, but we had not lived together beyond the summers; living together is something else and things couldn’t be better. We are night and day, different in almost everything, but we complement each other very well and we are together all day long; I never get tired of being with her”.

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