Foto Carmen Bernal

Carmen Bernal

Foto Carmen Bernal

Today we introduce you to Carmen, our student of the week, one of our “rookie” residents but who seems to be a veteran because of how quickly she has integrated into the residence.

Carmen comes from Coín (Málaga) and who knows if we are facing a future diplomat. He is studying a double degree in Law and International Relations at the Universidad Pablo de Olavide and although initially his sights for the future were set on diplomacy, he now sees himself in something more related to law. That’s the good thing about studying a double degree, it opens up many possibilities.

He entered his studies with no less than a 13.3 average, which was enough to get one of the few 20 places offered in the first year: “In the first year of high school when I saw that the grades were going up a lot because of the COVID situation and the lack of attendance, I was very self-demanding and I got a bit overwhelmed. In the second year I took it with more philosophy and in the end I got the grade I needed”.

For a long time she had been sure that she wanted to study law, but as she loves languages (she has a C1 in English and a B1 in French), traveling and learning about other cultures, she finally decided to complement it with International Relations.

For Carmen the arrival in Seville was an important adaptation process… She came from a private school where she was very well supported, so the change to a public university like the UPO has been considerable… Initially she had the idea of a women’s college, but finally she met Camplus Seville and from her first visit she loved the family atmosphere she was looking for…

Carmen is an only child and it was the first time she was separated from her parents: “When my parents left me in the nursing home, I cried like a muffin, but it only took me three days to adapt and I already feel at home”.

She considers herself cheerful and extroverted, but also with a lot of character. Like other residents, Carmen is one of those who has played “all the clubs” and has practiced basketball, swimming, guitar… And even the flute!

In the future he clearly wants to try living abroad, but he does not see himself living abroad forever, only temporarily.

Now in January they are taking exams at the UPO and from here we wish them all the luck in the world!

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