Carla Bennasar

We present as student of the week one of our Mallorcan students who, in addition, turns 21 today, so congratulations!

Carla is a student of 3rd year of Building and is in Seville with the SICUE mobility program.

When he was about to enter university he thought about leaving Mallorca, but that was in 2020 with all the situation and uncertainty of COVID, so he finally decided to study in his homeland. Since he still wanted to try to study abroad, this year he took the plunge.

She didn’t know Seville or any other city in Andalusia before coming and is very happy in the city: “I love the tapas culture, the atmosphere and the character of the south, it’s very different from the people of the island; here they are very open”.

She really wants to know the Feria de Abril, so she signed up for our sevillanas classes and is learning to dance.

She believes that she has made the right choice by coming to a residence instead of an apartment because of the friendships she has made, in addition: “This residence is very homey, and I am very homely, so I am very comfortable”.

When she finishes her degree she plans to do a Master’s degree in Interior Design, her true passion since she was a child, and she plans to do it in Barcelona or ….. Seville. He also does not rule out doing a degree in Interior Design, which he could do in Mallorca and he would be able to validate quite a few credits from Edificación.

He thinks that in Mallorca there is a lot of future in this field and he is more attracted to design in houses than in offices or other buildings. “Whenever I go to a place or a house I always take a lot of notice of how everything is decorated; it tells me a lot about that person.”

Carla likes to paint; when she was a child she used to go to painting classes and stopped, but she has the idea of taking it up again someday and also try her hand at ceramics. When he walks through Triana and sees all the ceramics there, he gets the bug.

Another of his hobbies is traveling. He would love to go to Hawaii someday: “I don’t want to die without knowing it”. He would also like to visit Morocco: “My father is a super biker and I would be very excited to ride there with him. Besides the sea, what I miss most about Mallorca is riding with my father”.

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