Ángela López

Angela Lopez

Ángela López

Today we bring as student of the week Ángela who, although she was born in Puente Genil (Córdoba), has been living in Ceuta for 16 years.

In Ceuta there are very curious circumstances… “I was in a school of nuns, La Inmaculada Concepción, and being a Christian religious school, there were Muslim, Hindu and Jewish students who, although they practice their own religion, were enrolled in it. It is a very curious coexistence of four cultures.”

Ángela is studying Pharmacy, although until she got a place, she had a very uncertain admission process; she was admitted to Health Engineering first in Seville and then in Malaga. He then got a place in Pharmacy in Granada, where he even went to class one day, and finally, he was able to enroll in Pharmacy in Seville.

In the field of Pharmacy he is attracted to research and everything related to the laboratory. In principle, he does not see himself setting up a pharmacy, although he does not rule out anything in the future. I like everything about Seville. Curiously, he had never come to Seville before moving, as the journey from Ceuta is complex and when he came to the peninsula he used to come to Puente Genil to visit his family. “I am very used to the sea, in Ceuta I would open the window and see the port and, although Seville has no sea, it has a river and I love it.” Here she is meeting a lot of friends from Ceuta, so, between them, her classmates and those in the residence, she feels very well cared for.

He plans to go on Erasmus. He is interested in Italy or Poland, but does not yet know whether he will be third or fourth in the race. Angela, like other residents, also has an important artistic side. He has completed no less than the “professional” piano conservatory (10 years). He started at the age of four and entered the conservatory at the age of seven. Her favorite composer is Bach, although she is also in love with the sonatas of Beethoven and Albéniz.

In Ceuta he made some performances in the auditorium and has also accompanied with the piano in exhibitions and gymnastics championships. As a child she also practiced theater and dance (classical and flamenco) in a school. A true artist!

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