Carlos Rueda

Carlos, our student of the week, is a resident who is almost always with a smile on his face, polite, friendly and attentive to all the staff at Camplus Sevilla.

He comes from Malaga and studies Aerospace Engineering at the US, in La Cartuja. When he was younger he thought about studying something related to the naval army… Although he also thought about studying psychology… “I am passionate about everything related to the mind”.

Later, seduced by many aviation films, he became interested in his current studies, and Carlos is passionate about cinema and does not lose sight of the possibility of working in film production: “Who knows, maybe I can participate as an engineer in action film productions; in many of them they hire engineers to make the scenes as real as possible, as has happened in Maverick”.

He is attracted to aircraft design and, another of his ideas is to enter the military as an engineer: “The world of aviation is an exciting and very difficult field…we work to connect people so they can travel in the shortest possible time and in the safest way.”

Although, for the moment, he has not touched the space branch, he is also excited about it: “In these days the “Miura1″ rocket will be launched from Mazagón (Huelva) and the Spanish Space Agency will bring it to Seville, which is a great advance for our sector and will make Spain a protagonist in future exploration missions not only to Mars, but also to the rest of the solar system”.

Carlos has had an easy adaptation both to the residence, where he has made many friends, and to the city: “I am from Malaga and, apart from the typical joke between Malaga and Seville, I am loving the city and its people; I am very happy with the home that the residence is for me and how they have welcomed me”.

Another of his hobbies is martial arts: “I like them because of the discipline and self-control they give you, as well as the companionship”. “You’re always taught that you should only use them as a defense, never to attack someone.” Here, in the gym of the resi he has done some training with Rodrigo and Samuel: “I have learned a lot and met other disciplines”.

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