Antonio Alaejos

Carlos, our student of the week, comes from Algeciras and is the first “rookie” that we bring this course. He has only been at Camplus Sevilla for a month, but he has integrated very well and is already part of the student committee, for example. He is a creative, sociable person who likes to spend time with friends and take care of himself, that’s why he is one of the regulars at the resi gym.

He is very versatile; he studies Mathematics at the US, but music also plays an important role in his life. He plays guitar (Spanish and electric) and bass. His father is a music teacher and has been part of several groups and his mother has instilled in him a passion for flamenco and has taught him to understand the “compás” and the rhythm of the palmas: “In my house we all get together to play, just like other families watch TV together. We have several instruments in the living room and when one starts playing, the others join in… my sister, who is in sixth grade, is already starting to join in with the drums”.

He likes all kinds of music. When he has performed in a concert, he has done it in a rock band, but: “I also love jazz and flamenco, especially being from Algeciras, where Paco de Lucía, for example, is from”. “In Seville there is a very wide cultural offer compared to Algeciras and I intend to go to the concerts I can, especially to some jazz”.

In his career he is happy: “My interest in mathematics began in the first year of high school because of a professor who began to teach us that logical reasoning more typical of the university than of high school”. The change to uni has been noticeable: “The difficulty and the density of content is noticeable; it is important to keep up with everything, but I am enjoying the classes and you can see that the professors “live” their profession and that they put a lot of effort into it”.

As a child Carlos told his mother that he wanted to be an “inventor” and he has not given up his dream; the spirit of inventor is still there: “Mathematics has many opportunities in private companies, but I would also like to do a doctorate, although I do not lose the illusion of discovering or disproving a theorem or hypothesis, but I know that it is something very difficult and very idyllic”.

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