Antonia Sandoval

Antonia, our student of the week, is a very cosmopolitan resident. She is Ecuadorian and comes from Quito, although she is almost just another Sevillian… Her father studied medicine in Seville. She lived here from the age of 4 to 9 and still has friends from school: “I decided to study in Seville because I see it as an original and unique city, and since I grew up here as a child, I knew that the Andalusians are always ready to include you. I love the Feria, the fashion of the flamenco dresses… Here you find people from all over the world. My parents connected a lot with the city and its customs and my mom inspired me to come and I am grateful for that”, although she also misses her country: “I have all my family there and I miss the food, the trips that you can combine the beach, the jungle, the mountains… Ecuador has a bad image, but I live very comfortably”.

She is one of our “veterans” and this is her third year in Camplus Sevilla. She enrolled in Finance, although her vocation was to study Journalism, but the grade was not enough… Until this year when she was able to change: “I was doing well in Finance, but I saw that it was not my thing and now in Journalism I am much more excited and inspired. I love going to class and the professors are very dynamic. In the future she would like to pursue a career in fashion journalism (her mother is a designer).

Since she arrived at the residence she has become inseparable from her friend Daniela, whom she met during the initial Walking Tour and with whom she shares a room: “They know us like mines, we are like a pack, always together. Here there are people from all over Spain and it is very nice to get to know the cultural differences, customs, accents… I have been invited by some of the residents to their homes. To be away from home 10 months out of the year, I’m like in a second home.”

Antonia is active, explorer and extrovert: “I like to go for walks and get to know new corners of the city and show her around when people come from Ecuador”. He loves events, parks, historical centers… He always tries to enjoy festivities such as Easter or the Fair… Although, from time to time, he also likes to stay in and watch a good movie.

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