María Sánchez

Today we interviewed María, alias “the teacher”, as we affectionately call her: “My roommate saw me studying, with my hair up and glasses, and she told me, you look like a teacher! One day there was a knock at the door and she told me, could it be a student? We laughed and, since then, I have been the teacher! for my friends from Pamplona. And I have never liked teaching”! What he does like is to command! Also planning, organizing… And languages. That’s why she chose the Double Degree in Law and International Business Administration from @upna. “My mother is a lawyer, but she, she advised me against it! I prefer management, but Law is interesting. She is probably a financial advisor, it catches my attention.” The 4th year she will do it abroad: “I would like to go to Belgium, the environment of the European Union attracts me.” To access the Double Degree, she had to work hard, since the average was 13. When you have to go out with your friends, she is the first!, but when you have to study, also! Her parents have always trusted her: “I wanted to get an English degree and they signed me up for an academy. She wanted French, and they targeted me too. Last year I asked to take Financial Operations classes, and they signed me up! They just want to support me and make me feel good.” At first she missed her family and the sea!, but it didn’t take long for her to adapt: “Now I can spend a month without returning to Donosti, in Pamplona I am happy! I owe it to my friends from the resi, “the pochis”, to my friends, “the butaneros”, and to the group of veteran engineers. I ‘ve been very lucky!”. She feels especially grateful for Lucía, her roommate: “The best decision I could make was to share a room in the residence. She is vital to me. She also studies law and we study together! ” In her free time, she loves to read. She also likes going to the gym, although she wishes she liked it more! She is part of the residence’s indoor soccer and basketball team, because she is animated and no one beats her! She is sociable and attentive: “I like to integrate others, so that no one feels excluded.” A ten! Certainly anyone, she doesn’t become a teacher!

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