Irati Erro

Irati, our student of the week, is really passionate about her studies (and future profession). He is studying a degree in Image and Sound; and it is very clear to him that he wants to specialize in cinematographic photography and video editing.

Music is one of his passions, he would like to work on projects that combine photography, videoclip and sound. While studying for her degree, she has already had the opportunity to make “her first professional dabbling”, both in photography and video.

He considers himself a creative person, he loves to contribute new things, even if it takes a lot of time and effort: “I like to create stories and sensations, to generate content, and through photography I feel I can do it. It requires perseverance and patience: I can take 5,000 photos and only 10 are good. But I don’t care, whatever it takes, I want to keep growing and learning”. 💪🏻

He studied his bachelor’s degree in Vitoria, but he was not convinced by the bachelor’s degree offered there. Her mother encouraged her to come to Pamplona and she is satisfied with her decision: “The professors are very good and the internship agreements of the European Forum seem interesting to me. I am sure that I will leave the degree with a good education”.

In his free time, he loves to enjoy life in the village, being with his family and playing sports, especially running, which relaxes him a lot.

Creativity has helped him overcome very difficult times. Her father passed away unexpectedly in the midst of the pandemic and she found much solace in her creative world. She feels that she has come out of it stronger, she has learned to value more the people she loves and to enjoy every moment she shares with them.

Irati is definitely a fighter! “Until I achieve my goals, I don’t stop. It’s an attitude that helps me in life.” He has determination and a lot of initiative: “I know that if I don’t move, no one will move for me!

He is also a sensitive, mature and clear-thinking person. We know that you will fight to the end for your dreams and goals!!!!

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