Marcel Zébulon

Our student of the week, Marcel Zébulon, was sure he would study medicine. He knows the profession from the inside, as his mother is an anesthesiologist. He confesses that she has not influenced him as much as it may seem, because he does not want to be an anesthesiologist! He is very attracted to the field of hospital emergency medicine, although he still has years to choose his specialty.

What attracts him most to medicine is helping other people. He also acknowledges that he is fascinated by the workings of the human body. He is enjoying the career and feels that UNAV has a very well-designed curriculum. The prestige of the university was one of the reasons he decided to come to Pamplona. He was also attracted to the idea of studying in another country, he really enjoys learning about other cultures. At his school he did the French and Spanish Baccalaureate, he is fluent in the language and he loves Spain!

Pamplona is almost a neighboring city, since he lives very close to the border, next to the Pyrenees. The size of Pamplona seemed ideal for him; he comes from a small town of 70 inhabitants, a large city could be very impersonal. He did not make a mistake in his decision. In Pamplona you can walk to any point of the city, you like its services, facilities and offer (cultural, sports, etc.).

Zebulon is a person with many hobbies. He loves skiing, playing tennis, playing the piano, reading, going to the movies… He also enjoys the mountains, it is his haven of peace, where he charges his energy.

She considers herself a shy person, with few but very solid friends! He likes to establish deep and trusting relationships. He is very perfectionist and sometimes suffers from career pressure, or lack of time to share with other people. Polite and very friendly, he is always a discreet and pleasant companion!

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