Ignacio García

Today we present Ignacio (Chacho to his friends) as student of the week. He comes from El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz), and is a Bilingual Business Administration student at Loyola University.

Chacho was not a particularly brilliant student in high school, but the last year and facing Ebau, his vision changed and the effort paid off. Now he is very happy at uni because he has gone from being a student with a passing grade to being the one who is asked for the notes.

He is a very enterprising person and is delighted with his career. In the future, he sees himself setting up a “Start Up” with three classmates. He is very fond of the field of personal branding to help grow any business and also create content for social media.

Chacho practiced Windsurfing since he was little, and his first job at the age of 15 was as an assistant instructor of this sport. He has had different jobs, most of them in the hospitality industry, as a waiter, dishwasher… And even as a nightclub doorman. This has helped him give value to money because he knows what it costs to earn it.

He likes it a lot and is good at public speaking. Also philosophy, music and debate: “I am interested in everything that is an expression of reflection.” In class group work he is usually the spokesperson and likes to prepare presentations. He has always been a very extroverted person, and this has sometimes played tricks on him at school, although now at the residence the opposite is true. Here he gets along well with almost everyone, especially with his friend Jesús, who has become an important person in his life: “The ecosystem that has been created among residents is very healthy. It’s like a little family. I think that I have made friendships here that are going to be very lasting and I also have a very good relationship with the entire staff; with reception, with maintenance… and with the cleaning team who are very professional and polite and treat me very well.”

In Sevilla he is very happy: “It is a city that I have fallen in love with and the proof is that I live an hour away from here and I go home very little. There is a lot of activity and people are very open.”

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