Jaime Lliteras

Today we have Jaime as student of the week, who, although he comes from Mallorca, also has Sevillian blood. His mother is from Seville and has many relatives here such as his grandparents, cousins ​​and uncles… He knows the city well because he has come many times for Christmas or Easter holidays, but he had never lived here and he is enjoying it: “It is a city with many activities. I was clear that I wanted to have the university experience of living outside of Mallorca and what better place than Seville.”

Jaime is studying a Double Degree in Physics and Materials Engineering at the US, the only university in all of Spain where this double degree can be taken.

Looking to the future, he is clear that his great dream is to be an astronomer. He is passionate about studying the Cosmos, research, knowing how space works, discovering new galaxies, their structures… When he finishes his studies he wants to do a Master’s Degree in Astronomy, perhaps in Madrid. Once he starts working, he would like to live in Spain, but he knows that there are fewer possibilities in this field here than abroad and he would not frown on going abroad. He also plans to do an Erasmus during his degree, probably in Italy.

He is very integrated into the residence despite being a “newbie” and in the awards given by the residents themselves, he was proclaimed “Mister Library” because he spends many hours there.

Jaime considers himself a very open person and signs up for all the plans. He loves sports, going to concerts… His passion is soccer. He is on the resi team and has been a member of the Santa Mónica School team for many years. He has also played a lot of tennis and loves going boating with his friends. Furthermore, he is a very family-oriented person and something he now misses from his life in Mallorca is taking his dog for a walk.

He is a very fan and member of Mallorca, so he is rubbing his hands that his team is going to play in the Copa del Rey final here in Seville and is counting the days until the match arrives, which, of course, he plans to go to. That day in Camplus Sevilla we will go with Mallorca because there are many residents we have from there.

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